Enabling project leaders to complete their projects.

We get it. You need to to complete projects on time, under budget, with no hiccups. Easy right?

Well we know it’s not like that in the real world, but what we can help you with is finding the best talent for your team.

If you’re looking for contractors and permanent employees, Transparent Tech are a great partner for your talent acquisition.

Why partner with Transparent Tech?
Covering the open source market, wherever you need someone
Superb understanding of open source technology
From headhunting, to contractors, to long-term leaders… Transparent Tech are your recruitment partner of choice

What makes us different?

We understand the traditional contingency recruitment model doesn’t work for everyone, in particular early stage start-ups, so reach out to enquire about our “equity exchange” where you can offset some of your recruitment cost for a small share in your business. Thus ensuring we truly have your best interests at heart for the long term.

While we continue to work in the traditional way, we’re not frightened of change and continually seek to embrace improvements. We encourage our customers to help shape our services. One of which is our subscription search. Pay a smaller, more manageable, monthly fee and get expert recruiters to continually source you the best talent on the market. Enquire today about our “see-through” service which just might change recruitment forever.

Our understanding. This is our x-factor, built up on years of experience and the highest level of training, always seeking to improve, acting ethically and professionally. Dealing with us is easy, many say enjoyable, but more importantly we deliver and represent your business to the highest standards

Contingent Retained SeeThrough
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Dedicated account manager
Database searching
Access to our community
Weekly reporting
Video marketing
Onsite consultations
Multi-hire discounts